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What to Expect from US

All American Sub Assembly can manage the quantity required across any industry for various manufacturing/production facilities. The team at All American is always ready for whatever comes our way – whether it’s building a case or bag full of your project materials; co-packing promotional items into boxes on pallets so they’re easy to sell off the shelf; or assembling products quickly and correctly.

Great facility, an awesome team, and an excellent location

One benefit to outsourcing with All American Sub Assembly Services is reducing your overall costs of operations. With your projects, we can improve the processes and handle them in a separate facility with our own staff.

Our team not only possesses the technical skills to get the job done, but they are also passionate about providing the best customer service possible to every client. Our #1 goal is your total satisfaction with All American as your trusted labor, providing above standard quality. We employ only able-bodied people to ensure quality work.

Companies choose All American because we are centrally located with over 16,000 square feet of warehouse space and our own docks. We own our own trucks (debt-free) and are minutes away from 80-90 or the US20 Bypass. Close by means less complications, and quicker travel times to get your product back to your location.

Many manufacturers facing space constraints find outsourcing to All American extremely beneficial to ramping up their business to produce more internally. Imagine the additional space you could gain by removing certain packaging chores from your internal production.

Do you want to save both time and money while avoiding unnecessary headaches? Then you will want to choose a company like All American that can meet the unique challenges of your supply chain.

At All American, our goal is to provide industry-leading packaging and contract sub-assembly services that are tailored to meet your exact needs. With our years of experience in the industry and state-of-the-art facilities, science-based research, and expert staff, we have the resources and flexibility necessary to efficiently package all finished products and ship them back to you exactly as you require. We offer custom services like packaging, assembly, and more done by a highly trained team of able-bodied professionals. 

Since 2019, All American Sub Assembly Services has been driven by quality and customer service. We have proven our ongoing commitment to the needs of our clients and their customers by delivering customized approaches to our clients’ fulfillment needs.

How We Continue to Offer Efficient Sub Assembly Solutions

We do this by repeatedly investing in our technology, our systems, our facilities, and most important our people which lowers our clients’ costs and improves their productivity. AmeriPacking can provide superior sub-assembly services at substantial savings over your current costs. We provide fulfillment solutions that allow our customers to succeed, without having to worry about the small but important products that are necessary to their operation. It’s time to reduce your costs and get more done. It’s time for AmeriPacking!

AmeriPacking provides product assembly services for manufacturers in Northern Indiana. We work closely with our clients on their manufacturing projects, assisting them by testing and inspection as well as packaging up the final products when required so they can be shipped out or stored securely until needed! Our goal is always a 110% satisfaction rate – whether it’s part-assembly alone; packing & shipping whole items ̶or anything else you need help managing along your supply chain journey. Call us at (574) 514-1259.


We’re so happy to have found All American Sub Assembly Services. They’ve been a Godsend for our company, providing the perfect solution when it came time to make improvements that lowered our costs and improved our productivity. The staff over there are quick with responses and very friendly – I recommend them wholeheartedly if you need any help kitting or sub-assembly, or anything else related to making your warehouse more efficient.


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